Our Savoir-Faire

As “Récoltants-Coopérateurs” we perform all the manual tasks the vines require with constant care and with a sustainable viticulture. This includes everything from pruning to harvesting, along with debudding, binding, tying and trimming.
We are vigilant to maintain a healthy vineyard. Our attention is constantly focused on protecting the natural environment and, at the same time, growing and obtaining high-quality grapes. That is why our parcels are either partially or completely covered by grass, why some of them are tilled, and why the protection of our vineyards against climatic hazards is always conducted in a responsible and well thought out manner while respecting Mother Nature..

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Thanks to our own wine pressing center, the pressing of our grapes is made in the village of Cuchery itself. During the harvest time this allows us to quickly deliver the grapes to our facility. It is in our cellars in Cuchery that each bottle gets the attention it deserves. Each bottle is riddled by hand on racks in order to preserve the traditional Champagne method. The bottles then peacefully age in our cellars before being disgorged and corked. They are then labeled and shipped out or carefully delivered by us. All of our hard work and efforts finally pay off when we see that our wines please and delight the most demanding palates. Every step of our work has been passed down from generation to generation, and originates from the heart of a Family heritage. This is the true key to our success.



Je certifie avoir l'âge légal pour consommer de l'alcool dans mon pays de résidence.
I am of legal drinking age in my country of residence.

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